BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) _ After a young woman refused his offer to dance, a man returned to a Bogota discotheque early Saturday and fatally shot 11 people with an Uzi submachine gun, police said.

Five people were wounded in the shootings at the Remicencias dance club located in a tough, south Bogota neighborhood.

``This was an act of intolerance by a drunken man,'' city police chief Gen. Argemiro Serna told a news conference, where he showed a police sketch of the assailant and offered a $7,500 reward for information.

Serna said the killer, a young man in his 20s, left the bar in an angry huff after exchanging words with the male friends of the woman who turned him down. He then returned with two friends, pulled out the Uzi, and sprayed bullets around the club.

Nine of the dead are men, and two are women. Their ages ranges from 19 to 35.

Police had the bar cordoned off Saturday morning as they pulled out the last victim on a stretcher while onlookers wept. A huge bloodstain was visible in the entranceway of the four-story building housing the club.

The blood bath evoked memories of another a 1987 shooting in Bogota, when 17 people were killed by a deranged war veteran who opened fire in an upscale Italian restaurant.