GENEVA (AP) _ About 43 percent of Kosovo's elementary schools were either completely destroyed or seriously damaged this spring, the U.N. Children's Fund said Tuesday.

With the Kosovo conflict over, 169 schools out of 394 checked in a preliminary survey have not been cleared for mines and more than half have no sewerage system, UNICEF said.

The agency plans to check the remainder of the province's 1,000 schools for 7-to-14-year-olds this month. UNICEF said it is committed to helping all elementary school children start full-time lessons in September.

In cases where burned or shelled buildings cannot be repaired, the agency says it will have to find alternative buildings.

Its survey found schools requesting tens of thousands of desks, chairs and blackboards after looting and other destruction, while 95 percent had asked for repairs to doors and windows. More than 200 needed a new or substantially repaired roof.