POTSDAM, Germany (AP) _ The mummified body of a man sitting in a chair in front of his TV set was found in an east German town, police said Friday. He had apparently died more than four years ago.

No one reported the 51-year-old man missing. He apparently had no relatives and lived in an attic apartment of an otherwise unoccupied house in Brandenburg an der Havel, police said.

Police said the body was found June 17 when a real estate dealer went to inspect the house for someone who inherited it.

Investigation showed the man was unemployed so he would not have been missed at work. Police said an autopsy showed he died of natural causes.

The owner of house declared it empty in 1994 after getting no response on several warnings to pay the rent, police said. Electricity was also cut off then because the bills hadn't been paid, but apparently no one had bothered to check the apartment.