PARIS (AP) _ Raul Sendic, founder of the extreme left Tupamaros movement in Uruguay, died Friday after long suffering from neurological problems. He was 63.

Sendic organized strikes in the sugar cane fields and hunger marches in 1960-61, then changed to an urban guerrilla strategy with the founding in 1963 of the National Liberation Front.

Sendic's tightly organized urban guerrilla cells were a model for Central American, Argentine and Chilean movements to follow. The cells used youths from old families to infiltrate the government they sought to topple.

After 13 years in prison, Sendic was freed in 1985 along with many other political prisoners after the civilian government of President Julio Sanguinetti replaced Uruguay's military regime.

Sendic's neurological problems were believed to be the result of torture in Uruguayan prisons in the early 1970s. He had lived for the past two years in France, where he was undergoing medical treatment.