CARROLLTON, Ga. (AP) _ A student was shot to death and her boyfriend was seriously wounded at a high school this morning in what might have been a suicide pact or murder-suicide attempt.

A teacher found the students, Andrea Garrett and Jeff Miller, in a girls' bathroom shortly after classes began at Central High School in Carrollton. No other students witnessed the shootings, Carroll County Sheriff Tony Reeves said.

Miss Garrett, 15, died at Tanner Medical Center and Miller, 17, was in critical condition after being airlifted to Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, about 40 miles to the east.

Reeves said the two students had been dating, but he would not say whether there was evidence of a suicide pact or a murder-suicide.

``It's a boyfriend-girlfriend situation,'' he said.

Michelle Crews, 14, said she didn't know the couple personally but had seen them in the halls together.

She did not hear any gunshots in her class, but a guidance counselor came to the room and told students that ``a boy and girl had tried to commit suicide.''

``Everybody was scared and shocked,'' Michelle said. ``A lot of people were crying.''

Students were allowed to go home, but classes were continuing for those who didn't immediately have a way home, said Scott Cowart, principal of the 1,050-student school. Therapists and guidance counselors were going from room to room.

``The big thing with all the things that have happened around the nation is the safety of our students,'' he said. ``It's hard to allay all fears.''

When she heard about the shooting, Angela Orr raced from her job at a grocery store and was relieved to find that her son and daughter weren't involved.

``When I heard about it my heart just stopped,'' she said. ``You never know who might get caught up in the crossfire.''