MASONTOWN, Pa. (AP) _ A toddler playing hide-and-seek with his older sisters died from apparent heat exposure when he hid in the family car.

Cody Anthony Britt, who turned 2 last month, was pronounced dead yesterday afternoon, Fayette County Coroner Phillip Reilly said.

The sisters, age 6 and 3, had asked their parents if they could play hide-and-seek at the home about 40 miles south of Pittsburgh. After playing for a short time, the girls could not find Cody and the family began searching, Reilly said.

The small boy had ducked down in the passenger seat, and family members did not see him the first time they looked in the car. But on a second search, they opened the passenger door and the boy tumbled out, Reilly said. Cody had been inside the car for at least an hour, with outside temperatures in the high 90s, and the boy's asthma condition made the heat particularly dangerous, he said.

The death is being treated as an accident, Reilly said. An autopsy was scheduled.