BALTIMORE (AP) _ Minor league umpires voted 187-10 to form a union to negotiate with the governing body of baseball's minor leagues.

The umps approved the union in a secret mail vote conducted by the National Labor Relations Board's Baltimore office and announced the results Thursday, three days after the ballots were counted.

``The outcome of the election confirms that minor league umpires need to have a voice in a system where they take on considerable personal risks and hardships in the hope of becoming a major league umpire,'' said Beth Saindon, a lawyer for the Association of Minor League Umpires.

She said the average salary for umps is $15,000 at Triple-A, $12,000 at Double-A, $10,000 at full-season A-ball and $5,500 at rookies leagues and short-season A-leagues.

The union will negotiate with Professional Baseball Umpire Corp., an affiliate of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, the governing body of the minor league

The NABPL has until Monday to file objections to the election.

``We didn't feel and still don't feel a union is necessary,'' NAPBL spokesman Jim Ferguson. ``Now that they've voted, as we said all along, we'll deal with them in good faith.''