JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) _ Former dictator Suharto lay ill in bed on Tuesday as police stepped up the manhunt for his fugitive son and searched both of their houses for a second time.

Suharto's lawyer Felix Tampubolon said his client, who is 79 and has had a series of strokes, fell ill Monday after ``suffering a relapse'' and was being cared for in his home by four doctors.

``Suharto is very weak,'' he told reporters outside the former strongman's mansion after police searched it.

Police Col. Harry Montolalu, who led the search for his son Hutomo Mandala Putra, also known as Tommy, said Suharto was receiving oxygen to help him breath and was hooked up to an intravenous drip.

On Monday night, five of Suharto's six children had gathered at his bedside, Tampubolon said. But Tommy, 38, who has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for corruption and has been in hiding since a warrant was issued for his arrest, was absent.

Police officers searched Tommy's house for a second time on Tuesday morning but found no trace of him. The officers then walked around the corner to Suharto's residence and continued the search.

``We did not find Tommy,'' he said.

Senior prosecutor Antasari Azhar later visited Tommy's house and said the state was seizing it. Tommy has failed to pay fines of about $3.5 million in connection with the corruption conviction. Tommy's family will still be allowed to use the house.

Meanwhile, dozens of students calling for Tommy's arrest clashed with police near the complex of homes, leaving at least one protester injured.

Police said they planned to check other houses belonging to the Suharto family later in the day.

Tommy was convicted on Sept. 22 of illegally enriching himself through an $11 million property scam.

Suharto himself had also been charged with corruption but a Jakarta court in September ruled he was too ill to stand trial on charges of embezzling almost $600 million in public funds.

However, last week, an appeals court ordered the resumption of the trial.