LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Nicole Brown Simpson's sister and her lawyer said Monday they are asking the state attorney general to investigate the possibility of filing perjury charges against O.J. Simpson before a statute of limitations runs out in three months.

Denise Brown and attorney Gloria Allred said Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti has taken no action on similar requests made to him.

Allred and Brown said that Simpson lied during his civil trial when he testified that he never hit, struck slapped or kicked his late wife.

District Attorney's spokeswoman Victoria Pipkin would say only that ``the matter is still under investigation.''

In the civil trial, Simpson was held liable for the 1994 deaths of Ms. Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman and was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages. In an earlier criminal trial he was acquitted of murder.

Simpson could not be reached by telephone for comment.