DETROIT (AP) _ The Michigan Lottery gave ticket holders two shots at its Cash 5 jackpot Thursday after one of its 39 numbered balls turned up missing during the televised drawing.

The ball apparently fell on the floor during a dress rehearsal to check the equipment, Lottery Commissioner Don Gilmer said Friday.

``When you don't follow procedures, bad things happen,'' he said. ``I guess you could say there was a bonus drawing.''

After the missing ball was tossed back in the drum, a second drawing was held off-air, Gilmer said.

Both sets of numbers will be honored as winners, though nobody in either drawing won the full jackpot, he said. The winners will share $50,000 for each drawing _ twice what the lottery would have paid.

``It was broadcast, people saw it,'' Gilmer said. ``The only way to guarantee the game integrity and player interest is to pay on both sets of numbers.''