Rebel Indian Leader Says Nicaraguan Executed 11 Without Trial With PM-Nicaragua-Helicopters, Bjt

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) _ Nicaraguan soldiers captured and executed 11 Misurasata Indian rebels without trial last month near the main Caribbean port of Bluefields, a leader of rebel organization said.

Joaquin Suazo, general coordinator of the Misurasata rebel organization made the accusation Wednesday in a statement distributed to reporters in Costa Rica. He said the incident took place May 11.

The report could not be confirmed independently because travel to the area is restricted by Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista government, which requires reporters to have a special permit.

Suazo claimed the 11 rebels were caught by Nicaraguan soldiers during a disturbance in Bluefields and were executed by firing squad without trial. He accused the Sandinista government of trying to cover up the alleged executions by making it appear they died in battle.

Suazo claimed two female rebels were raped before they were shot.

Misurasata contains members of the Miskito, Suma and Rama Indians - English-speaking blacks who inhabit Nicaragua's Caribbean coastline - and is one of three rebel organizations fighting to overthrow the Sandinista regime.

The other organizations are the Nicaraguan Democratic Force, based in Honduras, and the Democratic Revolutionary Alliance, based in Costa Rica.

Since they seized power in 1979, the Sandinistas have faced growing restiveness among the Indians, who accuse the Sandinistas of disrupting their traditional way of life.

Thousands of Indians have been forced off their ancestral homelands during the past three years and resettled in camps in an effort to subdue them. A growing number of Indians have fled across the border into Honduras and joined rebel organizations.