BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) _ One of 26 high-school students taken hostage by a Bosnian Serb who escaped from jail has died of wounds sustained during the ordeal.

The heavily armed escapee held the children hostage for eight hours Thursday before police shot and killed him.

Mario Vukovic, 19, died late Thursday in a hospital in the northern town of Banja Luka, the Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA reported Friday. Four more children were seriously injured and 13 suffered minor injuries.

Jugoslav Mihajlovic, 22, had demanded over $650,000 and a car to escape to a nearby town controlled by Muslims and Croats. He set off two hand grenades before police shot him dead. He had escaped from prison five days earlier in the Serb-held Bosnian city of Doboj.

SRNA had originally reported that 22 students had been held. It had also said that only three were wounded, and that their injuries were minor.