WASHINGTON (AP) — Fed Chair Janet Yellen may have gotten a job promotion last year, but her total assets don't appear to have gotten a bump.

Yellen's financial disclosure form for 2014, which was released Tuesday, showed a net worth of between $4.92 million and $13.37 million.

On the high end of the valuation, that represents a slight decline of about 5 percent from 2013 when her assets were valued as high as $14.1 million.

On the government's financial disclosure forms, officials are only required to put the value of their assets in broad ranges. So it is not clear what caused the small drop in her assets, many of which are held jointly with her husband, Nobel laureate economist George Akerlof.

Yellen in February of last year succeeded Ben Bernanke as head of the central bank.

According to her latest disclosure form, Yellen's holdings did not change significantly from the previous year. Her largest asset is a Vanguard Index Trust investment fund valued at between $1 million and $5 million that she owns with her husband.

Yellen and her husband also own some individual stocks including ConocoPhillips, Raytheon, DirectTV and Pfizer.

As in past years, Yellen lists a stamp collection valued at between $15,000 and $50,000, owned jointly with her husband.