JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ A football coach was arrested after being accused of breaking a 10-year-old player's arms.

Ronald Gibson, 34, was charged with aggravated child abuse Monday.

The incident happened during a practice at a Boys & Girls Club. Gibson became aggravated when the boy failed to catch a ball, said Sgt. Scott McLeod.

``He picked the child up and literally flung him backwards,'' McLeod said. ``As the child put his arms out to break the fall, he broke two bones in one arm and one bone in the other arm.''

Police said they interviewed other children on Gibson's team but found no other abuse.

The police report describes Gibson as just over 6 feet tall, weighing 240 pounds and having a muscular build.

Arrest records show Gibson was picked up in the past for aggravated battery against his wife.