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STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ Stina Hergin, younger sister of Pippi Longstocking creator Astrid Lindgren, has made her debut as a writer at age 90.

The book, ``Once Upon A Time There Was A Farm,'' is autobiographical and focuses on the life she and her family had growing up in the community of Vimmerby in the province of Smaaland, 125 miles south of the capital, Stockholm, Hergin told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

She published the 52-page book herself in Swedish and distributed it to local bookstores, with plans to translate it eventually into German.

Hergin, who previously worked as a translator on some 200 books _ mostly from Swedish to English and German _ said she waited to start writing until she felt she had found her own style.

``My late husband, Hans, was a writer, as was my brother. And my sister has written a few books, as you may know. So it was not easy to put my nose into their business,'' she said. ``I am pretty satisfied with it, if I may say so myself.''

Asked if there will be another book, Hergin said she hoped to publish a book of ghost stories.

``I know quite a lot of them,'' she said.

Astrid Lindgren, 94-year-old creator of characters like red-haired, freethinking Pippi Longstocking, also reached into her childhood memories of the Swedish countryside to write magical tales read by generations of children around the world.

Many of her more than 100 works have been translated into as many languages and sold in more than 130 million copies worldwide.