BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — Unionized nurses and administrators from Vermont's largest hospital say they are making progress in contract negotiations, but they have yet to reach a deal acceptable to both sides.

The Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals met Saturday with officials from the University of Vermont Medical Center as part of ongoing contract negotiations.

"We are making some headway at the bargaining table and remain committed to getting to a place where our members feel they are being treated as the quality health care professionals they are," the nurses said in a statement issued Sunday. "Hospital administrators say publicly they want an agreement that values its nurses and compensates them fairly. We are holding them to that in negotiations."

The union is seeking a 22-percent raise over three years.

The nurses say some hospital executives receive compensation packages worth more than $2 million so they know the hospital can afford to pay nurses more.

The Medical Center proposed average base salary increase of 15 percent over three years, with nurses in some roles getting raises of up to 30 percent. The hospital's latest offer would improve or keep the same the benefit package, which includes retirement contributions, health, dental, vision and life insurance and paid time off.

"We are hopeful this fair and competitive offer will receive the support of our nurses so we can bring this process to a successful conclusion," said UVM Medical Center President Eileen Whalen.