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JERUSALEM (AP) _ A U.N. official was shot and killed Friday during a street clash in a West Bank refugee camp, a Palestinian doctor said.

The victim was a foreigner, but his nationality was not immediately known.

Mohammed Abu Ghali, the director of Jenin's Government Hospital, said the U.N. official was hit by fire at a time when Israeli soldiers were shooting nearby, trying to disperse stone-throwing Palestinian youths.

He was tentatively identified by Jenin hospital officials at Ian Johnhawk. He oversaw the building of homes in the war-battered Jenin refugee camp.

The man was hit in the abdomen by two bullets and he was dead on arrival at the hospital.

Abu Ghali said the clash delayed the arrival of paramedics by an hour.

Israeli military officials said there were exchanges of fire in the Jenin camp Friday. The army sent an ambulance when it received word that a U.N. official had been wounded. By the time the Israeli ambulance arrived, the wounded man no longer had a pulse, the officials said.