SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ Phoenix Mercury basketball star Michele Timms said she was being pestered by a female American fan who tracked her down at her parents' house in Australia.

The Australian Olympic team member was a high-profile recruit for the Women's National Basketball Association.

Timms said that while the league had brought some enjoyable trappings of fame, there was a down side.

``There's all walks of life over there,'' Timms told Sydney's Sun-Herald newspaper. ``There are certainly some weirdoes out there.''

Timms said a female fan sent her flowers on her birthday. Timms sent a thank-you note and since then has received constant attention from the fan.

``This one person has really become a problem,'' Timms said. ``They found my work number and kept calling. What disturbed me was when I came home last Christmas, they had somehow found my parents' phone number and address in Melbourne and were sending flowers and ringing up there.''

Timms said the Phoenix players were often followed home after drinking in a local sports bar.

``One psycho actually sat outside the apartments where a number of our girls live, for a whole week. It gets a bit spooky.''