CALGARY, Alberta (AP) _ A tentative agreement was reached Friday in the dispute over drug-testing procedures for NHL players competing in the 2002 Olympics.

The NHL, its players union and the International Ice Hockey Federation agreed to allow the World Anti-Doping Agency to conduct random drug testing among all Olympic hockey players once they are chosen.

The agreement is expected to be formalized next week.

U.S. Olympic officials voted last month to end special exemptions for hockey and basketball players and make them agree to the random testing if they want a chance to play in the Olympics.

Those who refuse will not be eligible for the games.

The NHL wanted a uniform doping policy and standards for players of all nationalities. The dispute threatened to push back the naming of each team's first eight players.

The tentative date for the United States to announce its first eight players is March 24, but the players might be named earlier.

The World Anti-Doping Agency announced Tuesday it plans for 8,000 out-of-competition drug tests over the next two years.