ISLAMABAD —Gunmen wearing police uniforms killed 11 foreign tourists and one Pakistani before dawn as they were visiting one of the world's highest mountains in a remote area of northern Pakistan, an attack that is likely to damage the country's struggling tourism industry, officials said. Moved. By Zarar Khan.


HONG KONG — A former National Security Agency contractor says that U.S. hacking targets in China included the nation's mobile-phone companies and two universities hosting extensive Internet traffic hubs in the latest allegations that come as Washington pushes Hong Kong to extradite the ex-contractor. Moving shortly.


GAUCHAR, India —Army officials say bad weather was hampering efforts to evacuate thousands of people stranded in northern India where nearly 1,000 people have died in monsoon flooding and landslides. Moved.


BEIJING — In a rare case of gun violence in China, a man fatally shot five people and beat a sixth to death, including some of his factory colleagues and a soldier, police said. Moved. AP Photos.


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Activist Chen Guangcheng, who fled house arrest in China and later moved to the U.S., will arrive in Taiwan, where he will give several speeches expected to attract the attention of Beijing. Moved.


KUALA LUMPUR —Malaysian authorities declared a state of emergency in a southern district where a smoky haze blamed on Indonesian forest fires has triggered one of the country's worst pollution levels in years. Moved.


TOKYO — Tokyo voters began electing a city assembly in a contest that is being closely watched as an indicator of how Japan's major parties will fare in parliamentary polls next month. Moved.


TOKYO — The southern Japan island of Okinawa has marked the 68th anniversary of a decisive and bloody World War II battle that hastened Japan's surrender but left the island with a heavy U.S. military presence that is still the source of intense friction and frequent protests.


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