ATLANTA (AP) — A lawyer for a Georgia man shot by police who entered the wrong home denied Tuesday that the homeowner's dog charged police officers.

Three DeKalb County officers entered Christopher McKinley's Atlanta home on Aug. 31 searching for a possible burglar. A 911 caller had warned of a suspicious person in the neighborhood, but the officers entered the wrong residence.

Once the officers were inside, they shot McKinley, likely wounded a fellow officer, and killed McKinley's dog, authorities said. DeKalb police Officer Benjamin Penrosse, who was not present at the shooting, said in an initial report that McKinley "burst" out of a closed door and that his dog charged police.

Attorney Jeffrey Brickman said there's no evidence the officers announced their presence inside McKinley's home. Brickman said McKinley, who was unarmed, did not burst from a door, nor did his dog charge the officers. Brickman declined to elaborate on McKinley's account of the shooting.

"An innocent person was sitting inside his house, minding his business, watching a movie with his wife," Brickman said. "And the next thing, officers come into his home, kill his dog in his presence and shoot him."

McKinley has spoken with agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, who are looking into the shooting.

Police officer Travis Jones was shot in the hip during the encounter. GBI officials have said Jones was "likely" shot by police.