LONDON (AP) _ Paul McCartney credits his late wife Linda with keeping him sane after the Beatles split up.

``I felt completely useless when the Beatles broke up. I was probably on the edge of a nervous breakdown,'' he said, according to the Mail on Sunday.

``She gave me confidence. She said, 'You're great, you're OK,''' the singer-songwriter said of his American wife, who died of breast cancer in April at age 56.

After the 1970 band breakup, the McCartneys spent time at a farm in Scotland, where Mrs. McCartney taught her husband how to ride on horseback.

``We liked doing very simple and very down-to-earth things. During the time we spent up there I did a lot of sheep-shearing. It's the only time in my life I had shoulders,'' McCartney said. ``Through the nature in Scotland, through riding and through her support I did manage to get it back together.''

McCartney gave the interview to promote the Oct. 26 release of a solo album recorded by his wife.