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PERRY, Fla. (AP) _ The owners of a bar on Wednesday agreed to give up their liquor license and pay a $15,000 fine to settle charges that they discriminated against a black Maryland lawmaker by sending him to a back room to be served.

David and Diane Holton, owners of the Perry Package Store and Lounge, also agreed to write a letter of apology to the town's citizens.

Talmadge Branch, chairman of the black caucus in the Maryland House of Delegates, stopped at the bar on Feb. 3. He said he asked for a draft beer and was told by bartender Patricia Hughes that she could only serve him on the package store side of the bar.

Branch told investigators he overheard another voice say that ``coloreds are served back there.''

Wednesday's agreement, announced in Tallahassee by Gov. Jeb Bush and Attorney General Bob Butterworth, settles state charges of civil rights violations and unfair trade practices against the Holtons and Hughes.