ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) _ A horse trying to get to a fig tree in its owner's yard fell into a swimming pool and treaded water for a half-hour in the deep end before he was rescued.

Fadge, a 9-year-old, 1,100-pound Arabian, was rescued Friday from the 30-by 18-foot pool, where he had to stay afloat in 8 feet of water until rescue crews could save him.

The horse was discovered by 3-year-old Ashley Aceves, whose father, Henry, owns both the horse and the house.

''At first I thought it was a paper horse, because horses aren't supposed to be in swimming pools,'' said Ashley.

Aceves had to drain the pool so that Fadge could stand until rescuers arrived. Firefighters and animal control officers used a tarpulin and ropes to pull the animal out, but only after they coaxed him to the shallow end.

The horse was exhausted and disoriented, but otherwise unhurt, said Animal Control officer Leslie Byrnes.

''It's a good thing we got here when we did because he was going to drown,'' Byrnes said. ''He had given up and probably thought he was going to die in there.''

Aceves said the animal was trying to reach the fig tree in the yard.