ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ Gregoris Staktopoulos, a Greek journalist jailed for the 1949 murder of American correspondent George Polk, has died, Greek media reported. He was 88.

Staktopoulos died earlier this week, but the death was not immediately made public. No other details were available today.

Staktopoulos was jailed for more than 10 years for the murder of Polk, a CBS reporter covering the Greek civil war between Communist and nationalist forces. Staktopoulos, who steadfastly maintained his innocence, was freed in 1960. No other suspects were tried.

Many historians and researchers believe Staktopoulos was made a scapegoat by authorities worried about a deeper inquiry into the killing.

Polk's body was found in Salonica harbor in northern Greece several days after he left his hotel for an interview with the leader of the Communist militia. Later, the George Polk award was established to acknowledge excellence in journalism.

Before Polk's death, Staktopoulos worked for a newspaper in Salonica. He later was a stringer for various news organizations, including The Associated Press. Staktopoulos retired in 1982.

There were no details on Staktopoulos' survivors or burial.