PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) — Police in Kentucky say they have arrested an inmate who walked off from prison and fled in a stolen police cruiser and another car and crashed both.

According to local media outlets, Kentucky State Police arrested 34-year-old James A. Booker of Paducah after he crashed the police cruiser on the highway Thursday.

Police say Booker escaped Thursday from Keeton Correctional Institution in Paducah, stole a car and crashed it.

At the scene, police say Booker assaulted a McCracken County sheriff's deputy and took off in the deputy's cruiser.

According to police, the chase continued about 35 miles through Marshall and Lyon counties until Booker wrecked on Interstate 69 in Caldwell County.

Booker was hospitalized, released and placed in Christian County Jail.

He faces a variety of charges in the incident.