Undated (AP) _ Sketches of a few of the notorious who fled to the Soviet Union:


Former East German leader. Spirited from Soviet military hospital near Berlin to the Soviet Union on March 13. Faces manslaughter charges for deaths of people attempting to flee to the West. Charged with giving shoot-to-kill orders to guards at the Berlin Wall and along border of formerly divided Germany. More than 200 people were killed trying to escape East Germany.



East Germany's spymaster from 1958 to 1987. Ran the secret service with an elan that made him the envy of his Warsaw Pact colleagues. Among most notorious cases: Planted spy in office of then-West German Chancellor Willy Brandt. When agent's cover was blown in 1974, Brandt's government fell.



Worked for British MI6 intelligence while spying for the Soviet KGB. Acknowledged passing names of British agents to the Soviets but denied his actions led to the deaths of any of them. Convicted and sentenced in 1961 to a 42-year prison term. Blake escaped in 1966 to the Soviet Union.



Fired from CIA in 1983 for alleged drug abuse and mental instability. Accused of giving details of U.S. intelligence operations in Moscow that led to the execution of one of the CIA's prime contacts. Eluded FBI agents in New Mexico in 1985 before fleeing to the Soviet Union.