Undated (AP) _ Snow extended today across much of the Atlantic Coast, Appalachian region, Ohio Valley, Great Lakes states and northern Plains, as strong winds whipped up heavy snow and sent temperatures falling in the upper Midwest.

Many roads were closed Monday night in southeast Wisconsin with a foot or more of new snow.

New snow covers at midnight included 13 inches at Palmerton, Pa., Shokan, N.Y., and West Hurley, N.Y.; 12 inches at Allentown, Pa., High Point, N.J., and East Jewett, N.Y.; 11 inches at Philmont, N.Y., and Schodack, N.Y. There was also a foot of new snow in the eastern Catskills and middle Hudson Valley of New York State.

Warnings for heavy snow and advisories for snow this morning extended from much of Maine across the remainder of New England, New York state, much of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, the Virginias, eastern Kentucky and the North Carolina mountains.

Warnings of heavy snow this morning were also posted in southeast Wisconsin, with advisories for snow and blowing snow in the remainder of eastern and central Wisconsin, the northern half of Illinois and north-central lower Michigan.

Advisories for blowing and drifting snow were also posted for the mountains of Colorado.

Wind gusts reached 96 mph near Rollinsville, Colo., on Monday evening, and 67 mph at Boulder, 66 mph at Squaw Mountain west of Denver and 54 mph at Lakewood.

As the storms that have caused much of the snow in recent days moved north out of the nation's weather picture, winds from the northwest arrived, dropping temperatures across the nation's heartland.

Warnings for a hard freeze this morning were posted in northern Florida.

Snowfall during the six hours ending at 1 a.m. EST included 8 inches at Albany, N.Y.; 7 inches at Lebanon, N.H.; 6 inches at Glens Falls, N.Y., and Montpelier, Vt.; and 5 inches at Allentown, Pa., and Columbus, Ohio.

Snow was forecast for today in New England, New York state, Ohio, northern Indiana, West Virginia, western Virginia and eastern Kentucky. Strong and gusty winds were predicted in the Carolinas and Wyoming.

High temperatures were forecast in the single digits and teens from the upper Great Lakes and the lower Ohio Valley across the northern half of the Mississippi Valley into parts of the Plains and Rockies. Highs should be in the 20s and 30s in New England, New York state and inland portions of the South. Temperatures should reach the middle 40s in northern Florida; 50s and 60s in southern Florida, southern Texas and the central Pacific Coast; 70s in the southwest deserts; and 80s along the southern California coast.

Temperatures around the nation at 2 a.m. EST ranged from 26 degrees below zero at Warroad, Minn., to 67 degrees at Point Mugu Naval Air Station-Port Hueneme, Calif.

Other reports:

-East: Boston 36 rain; Buffalo 28 snow; Caribou 26 snow; Charleston, S.C. 35 fair; Cincinnati 7 snow; Cleveland 7 snow; Detroit 9 snow; Miami 50 fair; New York 33 snow; Philadelphia 34 drizzle; Pittsburgh 9 snow; Portland, Maine 33 sleet; Washington 35 cloudy.

-Central: Bismarck 1 cloudy; Chicago 8 snow; Dallas-Fort Worth 32 fair; Denver 22 fair; Des Moines 6 fair; Indianapolis 4 snow; Kansas City 6 cloudy; Minneapolis-St. Paul 9 fair; Nashville 18 fair; New Orleans 36 fair; St. Louis 9 fair.

-West: Albuquerque 27 fair; Anchorage 17 cloudy; Las Vegas 36 fair; Los Angeles 63 fair; Phoenix 46 fair; Salt Lake City 14 fair; San Diego 51 fair; San Francisco 51 partly cloudy; Seattle 35 foggy.

-Canada: Montreal 19 snow; Toronto 23 cloudy.