LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Catherine Zeta-Jones says she wasn't afraid to make Steven Soderbergh's drug-war drama ``Traffic'' while she was six months pregnant.

In fact, she told reporters recently, the experience ``liberated'' her.

``I called Steve and said, `Look, I have some private information to share with you. Firstly, I would love to do the movie, but secondly, I'm pregnant and you can't tell anybody. But what about me playing the role pregnant?'

``He went away, came back within a few hours and said, `I think you're right. We could really use it. It would give her a vulnerability and up the stakes.'''

Zeta-Jones, 31, plays the pampered wife of a San Diego drug kingpin who doesn't know what her husband does for a living.

Her real-life husband, Michael Douglas, also stars in the film, which expanded nationwide Friday. The two never share the screen, though.