INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ A 4-month-old boy suffocated in his crib on a Burger King Pokemon ball _ the subject of a nationwide recall after a similar death last month.

Zachary Jones was found dead Tuesday of what an autopsy determined was asphyxiation, said Deputy Police Chief Lana Schneider of suburban Lawrence.

The toy _ a hollow plastic ball that opens clamshell-style _ had been left in Zachary's crib by his step-grandmother. She came back later to find him with half the ball covering his nose and mouth, Schneider said.

``A 4-month-old baby cannot move things from their face, and basically it suffocated,'' Schneider said.

The balls, given away by Burger King in children's meals, measure about 3 inches in diameter and contain a Pokemon toy.

Burger King recalled millions of them Dec. 27, after the Dec. 11 suffocation death of a Sonora, Calif., girl found in her playpen with half a ball over her nose and mouth.

Schneider said Zachary's family knew nothing of the recall.

Burger King spokesman Charles Nicolas said the Miami-based restaurant chain is investigating.