MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) _ A stiff shake rather than a slingshot brought this Goliath down.

Rescuers spent four hours Thursday trying to coax the 2-foot-long iguana named Goliath from atop a 35-foot tree.

Electric lines prevented authorities from using a ladder, so rescuers resorted to sirens and squirt guns, but to no avail.

Carolyne Von Schmidt, 20, said her pet scampered from her house as she answered the telephone.

''I saw it in the grass and ran after it, but it went up into one tree and jumped across to another,'' said Von Schmidt, a West Virginia University student.

Pete Decenzo, a cheerleader at the school, climbed the tree with a high- powered squirt gun, hoping a blast of water would force Goliath to retreat.

It didn't.

''He likes it. He's not moving an inch,'' Decenzo said.

Two other cheerleaders ascended higher with the water gun. Goliath only moved up.

As two people held a sheet below, Robert Logan climbed as far as the branches would hold him and shook until Goliath fell, landed on one branch, flipped, landed on two more branches and hit the ground.

Von Schmidt said Goliath was given a clean bill of health Friday at a pet store.

''There were so many people in my yard all trying to find him,'' she said. ''I thought it was kind of funny. It's just my lizard.''