EUSTIS, Fla. (AP) _ Hours before Richard and Ruth Wendorf were bludgeoned to death, their daughter's friend sliced open his arm and a girl drank his blood, a witness said.

Then, she said, he calmly made plans to kill the couple, calling their daughter for directions to the home.

``He said it was because he wanted their car. I didn't think he would ever be capable of doing it,'' Shannon Yohe told The Associated Press on Wednesday. ``I didn't think he was dangerous, not until that night. Then I felt a little afraid of him.''

Yohe, 16, was named as a witness to the plot in an affidavit released Wednesday after one of the five defendants made her first court appearance. Dana Cooper, 19, of Murray, Ky., was denied bond.

Police say a group of vampire-obsessed teen-agers killed the Wendorfs on Nov. 25 at their home near Eustis, a small town 30 miles northwest of Orlando, and stole their car to go to New Orleans. Their 15-year-old daughter, Heather, is charged with first-degree murder.

The youths drank their own blood and that of mutilated animals, police say.

Yohe was close friends with defendant Roderick Ferrell, 16, who had moved to Murray, Ky., from Eustis.

``When I knew him, he was normal, to a point,'' Yohe said. ``There were things that were weird about him, but there are things that are weird about any high school kid. ... I thought I knew him.''

But on the night of the killings, she said, Ferrell visited her with three Kentucky friends: Ms. Cooper, 16-year-old Sarah Remington and 16-year-old Scott Anderson.

She said he no longer acted like the friend she once knew. His arms were scarred with slash marks. And shortly into the visit, he began rummaging through her kitchen for a knife, she said.

``He took one and slit his arm, and I was like, `Oh my God,''' she said. Ms. Cooper sucked the blood from his arm, Yohe said.

``Then they started talking about where the best places to cut were, which parts taste best. I was like, `Get out of my house.'''

A short time later, she said, Ferrell began talking about killing the Wendorfs in order to steal their car.

Ms. Cooper appeared in a Florida court Wednesday. The other teens are awaiting extradition from Baton Rouge, La., where they were arrested on Thanksgiving.

Ms. Cooper, Ferrell, Anderson and Ms. Wendorf face first-degree murder charges. Ms. Remington is charged with being an accessory to murder.