CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago's Roman Catholic archbishop says the nation gets the leaders it deserves when the electorate goes to the polls and elects him.

That was Cardinal Blase Cupich's (blayz SOO'-pich'z) answer when asked about America's "crisis of leadership?"

Answering questions Monday at the City Club of Chicago, Cupich repeated himself when he was asked to review President Donald Trump's first six months in office. He went on to say if people have a difficulty with those who govern, they can respond and change them.

Cupich devoted the majority of his City Club talk to his efforts to tackle violence in Chicago. He said he intends to continue pushing for what he called "sensible gun restrictions," including a ban on "military-style automatic weapons."

Cupich also vowed to fight racism, which he contends is the "great sin" that underlies much of what is wrong with society today.