TAMPA, Fla. (AP) _ Tampa Bay's Warren Sapp, sidelined the past week by a sore back, had a MRI examination Monday to determine the extent of the injury.

The Buccaneers said the result would not be known until Tuesday after the test is read by the team's orthopedic specialist, Dr. John Zvijac, in Miami.

``My anticipation is everything will check out fine, and he'll be OK,'' coach Tony Dungy said.

The two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle last practiced on Aug. 17. The Bucs also held him out of last Saturday night's exhibition against the Kansas City Chiefs as a precaution.

Sapp, who has only missed two games in four pro seasons, said he didn't think the injury was serious.

``I'm still able to get up in the morning and walk without too much pain. But it's just sitting down and certain things that hurt me more than others. I'll be all right,'' he said.

``It's frustrating because it's something I can't treat. Like an ankle, I can go in there and ice and (electrically stimulate) it all day long and do whatever I need to do. Backs are kind of funny. It's my first one, so we'll see how it goes.''

Sapp said he wanted Monday's test ``for my peace of mind more than anything else.

``If the MRI says nothing, I've got to go. My rule goes, `if it ain't broke, let's go.'''