Some of the deadly attacks in Baghdad:

_ Sept. 15, 2005: Three suicide car bombings and a roadside bomb kill 31 people, including 23 policemen.

_ Sept. 14, 2005: More than a dozen highly coordinated bombings rip through the capital, killing at least 167 people and wounding 570. Many of the victims were day laborers lured by a suicide attacker posing as an employer.

_Aug. 17, 2005: Three car bombs explode near the Nadha bus station and at the nearby Kindi Hospital, where survivors were being taken, killing 43.

_July 14, 2005: Truck bomb attack outside a police station kills at least 39 people.

_April 29, 2005: At least 10 car bombings kill at least 38 people on the first day after the new government is approved.

_Feb. 18, 2005: At least 28 people are killed in attacks on Shiite Muslim mosques in the Dora neighborhood on the eve of Shiite Islam's most important holiday.

_Jan. 30, 2005: Eight suicide bombers unleash blasts, killing 36 people including themselves.

_Dec. 3, 2004: Insurgent attacks against a Shiite mosque and a police station kill 30 people.

_Sept. 30, 2004: Bombings in al-Amel neighborhood kill 35 children and seven adults as U.S. troops hand out candy at a ceremony to inaugurate a sewage treatment plant.

_Sept. 14, 2004: A car bomb explodes near a police headquarters where Iraqis wait to apply for jobs, killing at least 59 people.

_March 2, 2004: Officials at three hospitals report 50 killed in explosions at Kazimiyah shrine. But the U.S. military puts the death toll at 10, with 100 wounded.

_Feb. 11, 2004: Suicide attacker blows up an explosives-laden car in a crowd of Iraqis waiting outside an army recruiting center, killing at least 47.

_Oct. 27, 2003: Four suicide bombings target International Red Cross headquarters and four Iraqi police stations, killing 40 people, mostly Iraqis.