LONDON (AP) _ Queen Elizabeth II's rebellious young cousin Marina, whose premarital pregnancy caused a family rift, said Thursday she is separating from the photographer she married in 1990.

Marina Ogilvy, daughter of Princess Alexandra and Sir Angus Ogilvy, was married to freelance photographer Paul Mowatt in February 1990 when she was five months pregnant, and after weeks of highly publicized feuding with her parents.

The Mowatts' first child, Zenouska, was born in May 1990. A son, Christian, followed in 1993.

In a statement issued on the couple's behalf Thursday, law firm Max Bitel Greene said the separation was caused by longstanding marital difficulties and that no one else was involved.

``This is a private matter and for the sake of the children, Marina and Paul wish to avoid unnecessary publicity which might upset the children,'' the statement said.

Five years ago, Marina Ogilvy courted publicity. She sold her family story to the tabloids, saying that when she told her parents she was pregnant, they demanded that she either marry quickly or have an abortion. When she refused, they cut off her allowance, she said. Her parents denied the claims.

The couple finally married _ the bride wore black _ and her parents attended the ceremony.

The bride, now 29, continued her public rebellion. She posed for a magazine cover wearing a black rubber catsuit and tiara, and seated on a throne surrounded by corgis _ the queen's favorite dogs.

For four years after the wedding, the couple reportedly had little contact with Ms. Mowatt's parents.

A spokesman for the Ogilvys said Thursday they are ``sad to learn of what has happened.''