A: ... Before December of `97, I'd say 95 percent accurate. There were some things that I didn't tell her, but I usually pretty much told her everything.

A JUROR: You started talking to her when? In `95 or `96?

A. The relationship, I told her in November of `96. After the election.

JUROR: Okay. So from November '96 to December `97 _

A. Pretty truthful.

JUROR: And then after '97?

... (PROSECUTOR) ... Are you not telling her things or are you saying things to her that are inaccurate? ...

A. Well, I don't remember the exact situations or the times that I didn't tell her something, if she had asked me about it, I would have been inaccurate about what I said.

... Q. So there's kind of a blending of those two concepts.

A. Correct.

(PROSECUTOR): And, again, to clarify, did you ever lie about your sexual relationship with the President?

A. No.

... A JUROR: So after `97, then ...

A. After December `97, I don't even know how to _ how to put a percentage to that.

JUROR: Any truth at all after `97?

A. Yes. There were some truths in December of `97. There certainly were some true statements, but there were a lot of untrue statements. Probably the untrue statements stick out in my mind more because they caused so much trouble.

JUROR: Which ones stick out in your mind as having been untruthful?

A. Stuff about my mom. Just _ a lot of different things about my mom. That I had _ that I told Mr. Jordan I wouldn't sign the affidavit until I got a job. That was definitely a lie. ...

JUROR: Did you tell Linda Tripp at any time that you had heard or understood that people don't go to jail for perjury in a civil case?

A. Yes, I believe I think I said that. ...