BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) _ Philadelphia Eagles players remain unhappy with the stadium's new turf, noting that it's troublesome in areas other than those that led to the postponement of Monday night's exhibition opener against Baltimore.

``I had a lot of trouble and it wasn't just on the seams,'' rookie wide receiver Freddie Mitchell said. ``I had a hard time coming in and out of my breaks.''

The synthetic grass NeXturf was developed by Southwest Recreational Industries Inc. _ the same company that invented Astroturf in 1965 _ and installed it in Veterans Stadium in March of 2001.

NeXturf was attractive to the Eagles because of its convenient and efficient transformation from baseball field to football field. The Philadelphia Phillies have not had any problems with it.

``The turf is for them, I guess,'' Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said. ``We can't wear baseball spikes out there. They're a little too dangerous for football.''

Eagles Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter also said the turf presents problems for a player's footwear.

``It is hard to find shoes to wear out there,'' Trotter said. ``The turf is too short for cleats, but too long for flat bottoms. We've got to find something in between.''

McNabb said he was worried that the unpredictable footing underneath his receivers will affect the timing of the offense.

``Some guys were slipping so some other guys were being cautious,'' McNabb said. ``When it gets to that mode it slows the passing game down.''

Turf problems have forced the cancellation of one other game _ between the Houston Oilers and the San Diego Chargers at the Astrodome in 1995. Current Eagle linebacker Mike Caldwell was the only player to suit up for both cancelled games.

``In Houston the seams were real bad,'' Caldwell said. ``They aren't as bad at the Vet, but there are some problems there.''