ZENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) _ A shell exploded between two high-rise buildings in government-held Zenica on Monday, killing two women and a 14-year-old boy. The blast dismembered the bodies.

Neighbors stood outside crying or leaned from their windows after the explosion, watching civil defense workers in plastic gloves scoop up bits of flesh with small shovels. Curious boys crowded around. U.N. military observers arrived nearly two hours after the explosion.

The carnage was a graphic reminder that Sarajevo is not the only part of Bosnia where fighting kills civilians every day.

Zenica, one of a few cities controlled by the Muslim-led government, has been shelled by both Serbs and Croats in recent weeks. The five shells that landed Monday were fired by Croat forces to the south, said Mirsad Mesic, chief of Zenica civil defense.

Two of the bodies lay on the grass a few yards from the mortar hole. Both had severed limbs, and the boy's abdomen was so badly shredded that civil defense workers needed two body bags for his remains.

City officials identified the 14-year-old as Memso Kahriman, and the 35- to 40-year-old woman he was with as Esma Kotoric. She was wearing dimije, the traditional baggy pants of the countryside, suggesting she was among the 50,000 refugees who have crowded into Zenica.

A key on a piece of string the woman had been wearing was given to a neighbor by a civil defense worker.

The second female victim was identified only as Fikreta Hadzic.

Three others were injured.