NEW YORK (AP) _ Dodgers bullpen coach Rick Dempsey was suspended for 17 days while Todd Hundley and Jay Buhner were among six players penalized Friday following a bench-clearing brawl between Los Angeles and Seattle.

Jose Paniagua and Damaso Marte, David Segui and Buhner were suspended from the Mariners. Jamie Arnold, Hundley and Dempsey were suspended from the Dodgers. All seven were fined undisclosed amounts.

A 15-minute fight broke out last Sunday at Dodger Stadium after Seattle's Frankie Rodriguez threw a pitch at Mark Grudzielanek's head. The brawl led to seven ejections.

Because it was an interleague game, AL president Gene Budig and NL president Len Coleman jointly announced the penalties. Paniagua, Buhner, Segui and Hundley said they intend to appeal.

Dempsey, suspended from Saturday until Aug. 3 for running in from the bullpen, wants to talk to Coleman on Saturday before deciding whether to appeal.

Paniagua's five-game suspension was to start Friday night against San Diego. The reliever was penalized for fighting, attempting to kick another player and using an obscene gesture.

Arnold also was suspended for five games. The reliever's penalty was to begin Tuesday.

Buhner's four-game penalty was to start July 24. The outfielder was on the disabled list when he took part in the fight.

Hundley's three-game suspension was to start Saturday against Anaheim. The catcher was cited for fighting, being out of control and using obscene gestures in view of fans and television cameras.

Marte, another reliever, was given a three-game suspension that was to start Saturday.

Segui got a one-game suspension, which the first baseman was to serve July 28.