UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ Nicaragua on Monday requested an urgent meeting of the U.N. Security Council to consider the trade embargo imposed on the Central American country last week by the Reagan administration.

Nicaraguan Ambassador Javier Chamorro Mora, after conferring with the Security Council president, told reporters he expected the 15-nation body to meet on Wednesday to hear his complaint that the embargo posed a threat to peace and security in Central America.

Thai Ambassador Birabhongse Kasemri, this month's council president, was expected to consult privately with other council members before setting a date for the requested meeting.

It marks the eighth time since April 1982 that the Sandinista government has requested a council hearing to deal with alleged U.S. acts of aggression against Nicaragua.

The United States, which has complained of Nicaraguan abuse of the council's time, twice has vetoed Nicaraguan resolutions. Four of the past council meetings ended without action.

Chamorro said without elaboration that he contemplated introducing a resolution during the council debate.

The Nicaraguan envoy said the trade embargo was not a economic measure but ''part of a campaign of aggression by the United States aimed at the overthrow of the Sandinista government.''