PHELPSTON, Ontario (AP) _ Outhouse racers don't need a green flag to know when to start.

''When you gotta go, you gotta go,'' said driver Graham Valentine.

Eight teams, consisting of a driver and three pushers, took part in the second annual outhouse racing festival Saturday.

More than 600 people cheered on the vehicles - an outhouse with a window, door, toilet seat, a horn and wheels - as they raced for the $260 check and a prize for the most imaginative outhouse.

Crews had to stop twice to perform tasks before completing the 800-yard course.

Ralph Craddock thinks that his town is siting on the best thing to happen to running water since running water.

''We're the only town in Canada running outhouse races and we've had requests from as far away as Thunder Bay for rules and regulations on how to organize a similar event,'' Craddock said.


SEATTLE (AP) - Now that Ken Griffey Sr. has retired, he could wind up in Seattle with his son, Ken Jr.

After the elder Griffey left the Cincinnati Reds Saturday, Mariners general manager Woody Woodward would not rule out the possibility that he could join the team.

''Ken Griffey Sr. is on the voluntary retired list and still the Reds' property,'' Woodward said. ''If he chooses to come back and play, he has to settle with that ball club. We will watch the situation closely in the next week.''

The younger Griffey was surprised by his father's retirement.

''I can't say anything regarding any situations until I talk to my dad,'' he said.

''We have talked about playing together once or twice. Whether we do or not, at least now he'll have a chance to see me play more.''

The Griffeys are the only father-son player pairing in major league history.


MAEBASHI, Japan (AP) - American Greg LeMond will attempt to become the first man in cycling history to win both the Tour de France and a world title in consecutive years when the World Cycling Championships begin Monday in Japan.

Lemond, who has won the Tour three times - in 1986, 1989 and 1990 - and the world championship title in 1989 and 1983, is scheduled to compete in the professional individual 162-mile road race on Sept. 2, the final day of the championship.

A total of 176 riders will compete in the road race, considered the highlight of the 10-day championship.

Lemond's toughest competition could come from two other former champions - Stephen Roche of Ireland and Pedro Delgado of Spain. Italian Claudio Chiapucci, who led most of this year's Tour de France before LeMond took the lead, also is likely to contend for the title.


TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - A Japanese entrepreneur has cashed in on his country's love of golf by turning Tampa into a haven for wealthy, teen-aged Japanese golfers.

Tagashira Academy, operating out of at the Cheval Polo and Golf Club, teaches them how to play golf for a mere $25,000 a year.

That may seem like a lot, but membership in a private club in Japan costs $80,000 on average - up to $3.2 million for the swankest. To play on a public course may require reservations months in advance and a two-hour train ride.

Two full-time golf instructors and part-time English tutors staff the Tampa school, but the students get more than golf for their yen.

When they first arrive they attend the University of South Florida's International Language Institute to study English.

If everything goes as planned, the students will wrap up their four years at Tagashira with a U.S. high school diploma, fluency in English and a textbook swing.

''All of them want to become pro golfers, but only a few of them make it,'' said Eiji Tagashira, the school's founder and operator.