Undated (AP) _ A list of seven U.S. nuclear reactors with cracks in the steel shrouds that surround nuclear fuel, according to the Boiling Water Reactors Owners Group. Also included are two reactors that are said to have indications of cracking.

A 10th reactor, identified by the group as having indications of cracking, was not listed by name or state.

-Browns Ferry 3 (indications of cracking), Decatur, Ala.

-Millstone 1, Waterford, Conn.

-Hatch 2, Baxley, Ga.

-Quad Cities 1, Cordova, Ill.

-Dresden 3, Morris, Ill.

-Fermi 2, (indications of cracking), Monroe, Mich.

-Brunswick 1, Southport, N.C.

-Brunswick 2, Southport, N.C.

-Peach Bottom 3, Peach Bottom, Pa.