POLITIA, Greece (AP) _ Former Premier Andreas Papandreou on Thursday married the woman with whom he once had a secret relationship that contributed to his ouster in last month's elections.

Papandreou, 70, wed Dimitra Liani, a 35-year-old former airline stewardess, were wed in the evening in this northern Athens suburb.

The wedding was put off twice because of Papandreou's ill health. He was released from an Athens hospital on July 6 after two weeks of treatment for pneumonia and a kidney ailment. Nine months earlier, he underwent open heart surgery in London.

His relationship with Ms. Liani became public at that time, when he was seen at the hospital holding hands with her. He was married then to the former Margaret Chant, but he divorced his American-born wife of 38 years several days before the June 18 elections.

His Panhellenic Socialist Movement was swept from office in that vote amid controversy over his personal life and a series of financial scandals. Conservative and communist opponents allied to form an interim government.

Parliament, which is now controlled by that alliance, on voted Thursday to investigate a former official in Papandreou's administration who is accused in one of the scandals.

Nikos Athanasopoulos, former deputy finance minister, is accused of arranging for a shipment of 9,000 tons of Yugoslav corn to be issued with Greek certificates of origin in 1986 and sold to a member state of the European Economic Community by a Greek state company.

The European Court ruled against Greece in May this year, citing lost revenues of $2 million that should have been paid on corn imported from a non- member country.

A special committee of 12 Greek legislators will investigate the charges against Athanasopoulos and decide whether the former minister should stand trial in Greece.

Athanasopoulos, who was not re-elected, has denied involvement in the scandal.

The coalition government has pledged to investigate and punish those involved in scandals in banking, the arms industry, and alleged phone-tapping by the Papandreou administration.

About 50 people attended Papandreou's Greek Orthodox ceremony at the church of Panagia Eleftherotria. They included ranking members of his party, Ms. Liani's relatives and journalists.

Papandreou looked drawn but dapper in a dark suit and silver tie. Upon arriving in a chauffeur-driven car, he waved at hundreds of supporters who had gathered at the entrance chanting ''Long live our Andreas 3/8''

Minutes later, he walked into the church with Ms. Liani, who was wearing a white strapless gown and a veil of white lace.

The couple did not kiss as the priest declared them man and wife. But as they drove off, Papandreou obligingly leaned over for photographers and kissed Ms. Liani on the lips.

Papandreou's four adult children did not attend.

Ms. Liani divorced her husband, Alexis Kapopoulos, a Revolutionary Greek Communist Party member, earlier this year after her relationship with Papandreou became public.

She said in a radio interview last month that her relationship with Papandreou had been going on for three years.