BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) _ The remains of a 9-year-old New Jersey boy who had been missing since an American Airlines crash killed 160 people in southwestern Colombia have been recovered.

Rescuers on Sunday found the body of Michael Claros, of Hillsborough, N.J., on the Andes mountain ridge where the Boeing 757 crashed Dec. 20 as it descended toward Cali. Four people and a dog survived.

The dead included Michael's mother and sister.

Rescuers found most of the bodies during the first few days after the crash. In some cases, they found only body parts. Ricardo Zea, a Red Cross paramedic on the scene, provided no details on the condition of Claros' body.

American Airlines contracted a Colombian search team with dogs to look for Michael's body. His father, Edison Claros, at one point joined searchers on the hill.

Ruling out sabotage and mechanical failure, Colombian officials released a report suggesting that human error by the pilot caused the plane to veer off course and crash.

The Colombian attorney general's office is investigating whether negligence by Cali air traffic controllers was responsible. The plane was about 14 miles off course when it struck the mountain.

A final determination, based on data from the plane's ``black box'' recorders, is months away.