GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) _ The search for victims of an alleged rapist who is accused of making tape recordings of his crimes has spread across four states, police said, but they are pessimistic about tracing all of the women.

''I'm sure there's probably a pretty good chance of identifying some of them,'' Kent Count Sheriff's Detective Robert Start said Thursday, adding that only one woman had been positively identified.

''I'm sure there are some who we'll never identify.''

Start said the tapes - with the voices of perhaps 10 women - were found in a storage locker in South Bend, Ind., rented by Nicholas Brasic Jr. under an assumed name.

On Wednesday, Brasic was ordered held for trial on three counts of third- degree criminal sexual conduct in an alleged attack on a 17-year-old woman in February 1981. A 30-minute portion of a tape - allegedly made during that attack - was played in court Wednesday.

A man was heard on the tape repeatedly shouting at a woman to undress and to cooperate in various sexual acts.

Brasic, 51, was also ordered held for trial on a first-degree murder charge last week in conection with a Michigan woman's disappearance 11 years ago. Her body has not been found. Brasic was arrested while in a Nevada jail serving a 15-year sentence for armed robbery, Start said.

No trial dates have been set.

Start said the sister of the alleged rape victim led police to the locker, which she had forced open. About 10 tapes and a collection of rifles were found inside, Start said.

''It took quite some time to identify the people,'' Start said. ''The one girl was just identified last summer.''

He said there is some evidence that other women on the tapes may have been from Las Vegas, Nev., South Bend and California.

''We have talked to South Bend authorities and Las Vegas authorities,'' he said. ''We haven't been able to pinpoint a city in California.''

Brasic's attorney, Michael Mathews, tried Wednesday to prevent the playing of the tape before 63rd District Judge Joseph B. White, arguing that it had been illegally seized.

White overruled Mathews' objection and added that there was enough evidence from the testimony of the woman in the case to pursuade him to order Brasic held for trial in Circuit Court.

Mathews also said that the woman and her sister were cooperating with sheriff's deputies in an effort to have a bad-check cashing charge against the sister lessened or dropped.