TOKYO (AP) _ Nomura Securities Co., Japan's biggest brokerage house, has lost an appeal to the nation's highest court in a case involving investment losses suffered by a former client, a court official said Thursday.

In rejecting Nomura Securities' appeal, the petty bench of the Japanese Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling which ordered the broker to pay back some of the client's losses.

The client, an executive with major Japanese department store Takashimaya Co. whose name has not been disclosed, had accused Nomura Securities of leading him to believe he could recoup trading losses by investing in a Nomura-related company.

But the man said he lost about 260 million yen ($2.1 million) from the investment.

The alleged recommendation came after the man had already suffered more than 1 billion yen ($8.13 million) in unrelated trading losses from 1987-1990.

In 1996, the Tokyo High Court ordered Nomura to pay 130 million yen ($1.06 million) to the client. The court awarded only half of the requested damages, however, saying the man bore some responsibility for making a bad investment decision.