SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Shirley Temple Black was glum about a video being released in honor of her birthday today.

It's the ``Shirley Temple _ Sing and Dance Along'' video, touted by 20th Century Fox as a celebration of the ``70th birthday of America's favorite sweetheart.''

Mrs. Black, who won the world's heart by age 5 with her singing and dancing in such films as ``Curly Top'' and ``Poor Little Rich Girl,'' said she wasn't getting ``a dime'' from the video and brushed off questions about her birthday plans.

``There's nothing special,'' she said Wednesday.

A Fox Home Entertainment spokesman said the company did not need Mrs. Black's permission for the video being released Tuesday. It includes some of her best work, including the ``I Love to Dance in the Rain'' number with Bill ``Bojangles'' Robinson.