ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) _ The driver of an armored truck robbed of $10.8 million in 1990 was sentenced to 30-years in prison Thursday for helping carry out the holdup.

``You have caused immeasurable pain to many, many people,'' U.S. District Judge David Larimer told Albert Ranieri, 38, who pleaded guilty in December to a federal racketeering conspiracy charge. ``You certainly deserve each and every day of that sentence.''

Ranieri was offered the chance to speak, but failed to respond when the judge suggested that ``you might start by saying you're sorry this ever happened.''

Ranieri referred to a statement he inserted in court papers that the robbery had a ``corrosive'' effect on his life, leading to years of destructive behavior that will culminate in losing the companionship of his wife and two children.

``That loss is more than the loss of liberty itself,'' he wrote.

The robbery remains under investigation. The money is still missing and Ranieri did not implicate anyone else.

The Armored Motor Services of America truck was robbed of more than a ton of unmarked cash in June 1990, investigators said.

Eleven years later, during an undercover drug investigation, Ranieri boasted in a hotel room bugged by the FBI that he'd burned nearly $100,000 of the missing money in a barbecue pit to avoid being arrested.

``What do I care? ... I mean, I got a million dollars,'' he said in one videotaped recording.

Ranieri also admitted executing nightclub owner Anthony Vaccaro in May 2000, though other charges against him, including conspiracy to commit murder, were dismissed.