LEAVENWORTH, Wash. (AP) _ Boots sticking out of the snow led rescuers to a couple who had been missing 11 days since they got lost on a snowmobile trek.

George Back, 50, was hallucinating but alive Sunday when found beside his two yapping Norfolk terriers. Back's wife, Diane M. McManus, 44, was dead.

``They were novices,'' said rescuer Darrell Brunner, co-owner of Brunner's Lodge on Fish Lake. ``They just got turned around and a big snowstorm came in and snowed 3 feet that night. If you don't know your way, it's easy to get turned around.''

Back and his wife had rented two snowmobiles Jan. 27 near Fish Lake, about 80 miles east of Seattle. They tucked the dogs inside their snow suits for what they expected to be a two-hour outing, and then the storm hit.

An air and ground search for the couple was called off on Jan. 29.

Alan Todd, Brunner and their friends were on their own snowmobile trek about 10 miles from Cascade Hideway when they spotted Back's booted feet sticking out of a hole he had formed in the snow.

``He was in and out of it,'' Brunner said. ``He thought he had been there six months and was afraid we were going to leave him.

``And those little teeny dogs were no bigger than a rat, but I think they helped save his life. They stayed right with him.''

He did not say how he thought the dogs helped Back.

Back, of Kelso, was listed in serious condition this morning at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, about 80 miles to the west, with possible frostbite on both feet, said a nursing supervisor.